Private sector case studies

Alpha Design & Marketing Group

Undertaken on behalf of one of Alpha Design & Marketing Group’s food sector clients, this research was conducted to inform the development of its distribution chain. Through focus groups conducted with consumers, the research identified the most effective approaches with regard to product, packaging, price and distribution outlets.

Beyond Dark Ltd

The aim of the research was to establish consumer behaviour and opinion to inform product sales and to meet distributor information requirements. Covering such areas as product awareness, purchase motivation and profile, consumption profile, product features and market profile, the research was based on an online survey comprising 200 interviews.

John Wiley & Sons Ltd

This case study illustrates effective partnership in undertaking research. Based on the research scope, AfR designed and hosted an online survey which Wiley & Sons distributed in the UK and internationally to their clients in the education sector. Based on over 2500 completed returns, the raw data was provided to the client to undertake in-house analysis and interpretation.

Betts Ecology

A depth telephone survey was conducted with Betts Ecology’s clients to establish a comprehensive understanding of the target market to inform client relationship development.

Shropshire Spice

Qualitative research was based on focus groups with the target market to inform the new packaging design for Shropshire Spice. This was followed by a quantitative survey conducted with the target market to inform the range of product development.

Parker Ward Limited

A quantitative survey was conducted with businesses to establish the level and type of potential demand for a new industry support service.


Research projects undertaken on behalf of Plinkfizz have involved both in-depth face-to-face and telephone consultations to inform their clients' service development activities in line with customer needs.

Progression Through Marketing

A quantitative survey was conducted with employers to establish awareness and impact on recruitment and provision of new legislation regarding the Disability Discrimination Act.

Touchline Ltd

Based on secondary research, and with a specific focus on the key players, distribution channels and potential market opportunities, this project involved establishing an industry profile of the convenience food sector.

Ask for Research quickly responded to our enquiry, and produced the required research, along with insightful analysis. This was carried out well within the timescales that were agreed, and we would not hesitate in recommending them as a highly professional, flexible provider of research and analysis services.

Tim Ward

Managing Director

Parker Ward Ltd