Public sector case studies

Aylesbury Vale District Council

This large scale quantitative survey was based on face-to-face and self-completion interviews with residents regarding their views and opinions on the District’s resident magazine.

City of London Corporation

This research was commissioned by City of London Corporation to inform the basis of their review of West Ham Park’s service provision to inform future management options, and through this the development of a 5-year management plan. The comprehensive survey involved 750 interviews resulting in significant analysis and insightful recommendations for implementation.

Colchester Borough Council

This significant Colchester Business Survey focused on establishing business and workforce profile, business activity, strategy and development. Based on a sample of over 400 companies, the research was used extensively to inform appropriate responses and business support.

Environment Agency

Based on both a quantitative survey and a range of focus groups conducted throughout England and Wales, the objective of these surveys was to investigate awareness, opinions and experience of customer care amongst employees to inform customer care development within the Environment Agency.

Hyndburn Borough Council

This project involved developing and delivering three training sessions focusing on the use of market research in relation to raising awareness, understanding and impact regarding the Duty to Involve, Consult and Inform.

Monmouthshire County Council

This survey was conducted to establish the economic and social impacts of improvements made to Chepstow town centre. The quantitative survey focused on face-to-face interviews with visitors to the town centre and telephone interviews with business owners which was supported by a retail audit.

City of London Corporation

This consultation was undertaken with visitors to the Bank Area of the City of London to establish profiles of visitors and visits, views on the environment and improvements which could be made to enhance the area. Based on 200 face-to-face interviews, the research was used to inform future planning decisions to improve the area.

North & Western Lancashire Business Link

Based on both quarterly quantitative surveys and focus groups with businesses, this project explored a wide range of business issues to direct service development in response to market need.

North Shropshire District Council

A comprehensive consultation was undertaken amongst local residents, businesses and the voluntary sector in order to establish opinion on, and the perceived impact of, proposed changes to the local government structure.

Opportunity Bewdley

This project involved evaluation of the key activities developed and undertaken by Opportunity Bewdley to establish its impact over the 3 year duration of the Market Towns Initiative Programme.

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield Children’s Festival is one of the largest festivals for children in the UK, engaging thousands of children in the arts for over 20 years. The objective of this evaluation was to establish satisfaction with the event, level and type of involvement and future developments for the Festival. Interviews were conducted face-to-face with visitors at events and were supported by an online survey.

Stockport Council

Surveys conducted for Stockport Council have involved public consultations to assess public awareness and views to inform local service development and communications in line with public opinion.

The commission was managed excellently by Ask for Research from the initial contact through to completion and in the provision of aftercare support and advice. It was a pleasure to work with Angie and her expert knowledge, advice, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the best outcomes for the Council was exceptional. The consultation undertaken was comprehensive and the quality of the research and output was excellent.

Mike Edmonds

Head of Commissioning

Cannock Chase District Council