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Qualitative research provides the depth to intelligence - the insight into the influences behind behaviour, decisions and actions.

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No challenge too great

No challenge too great

Qualitative research provides depth and insight. It typically explores reasons behind opinions, motivations, perceptions and actions. It can be used effectively on its own or to inform the development of quantitative research or explore survey findings.

The nature of qualitative research lends itself typically to face-to-face and telephone methods. It gathers information from smaller samples which are interviewed in more depth than is characteristic of quantitative research.

The interview process is less structured, allowing respondents to fully explore and consider their responses.

Specific areas to consider in qualitative research:

  • Defining the survey objectives to generate actionable & relevant findings
  • Effectively defining & engaging with the target survey population
  • Deciding on sample size & profile
  • Analysis & interpretation of the data.

Our qualitative research services include:

  • Research & survey design
  • Sample design
  • Questionnaire design
  • Fieldwork - focus groups, workshops, face-to-face depth interviews & telephone depth interviews
  • Consultations
  • Data analysis
  • Detailed reporting based on in-depth interpretation & actionable results
  • Insight, recommendations & direction.

I found Ask for Research to be an excellent provider for our organisation. Their tailored services are specific and relevant to the needs of our business. Ask used their skills to facilitate attendee interaction that was delivered in a style and pace suited to both individuals and the group as a whole. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Ask.

Richard Twigg

Business Development Manager

Telford & Wrekin Council