Qualitative research case studies

The Hay Group

This project was based on telephone interviews conducted with key personnel amongst The Hay Group’s current and prospective clients. Focusing on the provision and development of reward structures and the use of reward support services, the information was used to evaluate client satisfaction and to inform The Hay Group’s marketing approach.

University of Wolverhampton

Based on a quantitative survey with university students and focus groups with students at schools and colleges, this research informed the development of two new design degrees based on student experience and opinion.

Xenos/Finance Wales

An in-depth qualitative survey was based on consultations with businesses and service clients and providers to evaluate and inform service provision based on market demand and requirements.

Consultancy Prime

This in-depth qualitative survey was conducted to assess the opportunities for market development, working with Consultancy Prime on behalf of one of their clients.

Shropshire County Council and The Community Council of Shropshire

An in-depth evaluation was conducted amongst communities, service providers and strategic representatives to establish the effectiveness of community engagement in service planning and delivery. The project was based on a range of qualitative research, focus groups and one-to-one depth discussions.

Telford & Wrekin Council

This social marketing research was based on focus groups with the BME community to explore the key factors influencing general health, nutrition and physical activity to inform the development of relevant local health and wellbeing programmes.

East Staffordshire Community Safety Partnership

Qualitative research was based on over 10 focus groups undertaken to generate in-depth understanding of the thoughts, motivations and perceptions behind hard crime statistics to inform practical approaches to address the key issues and themes identified.

Cannock Chase District Council

This consultation was undertaken to establish the demand for the development of the stadium site at Pye Green. A key focus of the consultation was to engage with as wide an audience as possible to ensure views from across the community were included. Face-to-face, online, postal and self-completion methods were used, supported by a wide range of engagement activities. In total, over 400 responses were received from residents, schools and community groups, potential service users and other interested parties. The consultation was used to support the development of the project.

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

This evaluation of the West Midlands Management Matters Programme was based on in-depth telephone interviews with participants to establish the satisfaction and impact of the programme on their business activity and development.

Tamworth Community Safety Partnership

10 focus groups were recruited, facilitated and reported upon to establish the in-depth perceptions and experiences of crime amongst the local community and business groups.

Welsh Development Agency

Based on a range of focus groups with young people and their parents, this survey focused on exploring aspirations, young people's views on working life and effective communication channels.

Angie is very thorough and enthusiastic and put a considerable energy into the project. We were extremely pleased with the results as well as Angie's conclusions and recommendations. I have no hesitation in recommending her services and intend to use them again when circumstances permit.

Nick Bradley

Manager - North Wales