Case studies

International Copper Association (ICA)

The ICA Copper Substitution Survey is conducted worldwide with organizations in the value chain from fabricators and cable makers to end users of copper. The comprehensive qualitative survey conducted online establishes current and future substitution, the drivers of influence and importance in copper substitution and copper substitution policy. The analysis of the research is presented in a global report and four regional reports which are distributed to their members worldwide.

The Stroke Association

This in-depth primary survey was conducted across England and Wales amongst Primary Care Trusts, Social Services Departments and charities to inform appropriate market and service development activity for The Stroke Association.

Welsh Government, Denbighshire County Council & Pennaf Housing

The objective of this extensive consultation was to examine current perceptions and attitudes of the area to support “Rhyl Going Forward”. The comprehensive research project was conducted in North Wales and surrounding areas and involved 600 face-to-face interviews with residents, an online survey, 5 focus groups and 100 telephone interviews with professionals. The findings provided the relevant knowledge to assist the creation of a new brand and marketing messages to support significant regeneration and housing activity in the town.


This survey was conducted to establish the extent and type of use made of Access Sites to determine how public needs are being met and to identify areas for improvement. Based on face-to-face interviews conducted throughout England over 200 interviewing days, the survey provided significant data on awareness, use and opinion.

Association of Convenience Stores

Based on 1000 telephone interviews with the target market, this survey was conducted to provide a comprehensive analysis of the independent retail sector and to inform the client’s service and support development based on the market's needs.

Leicester College

Based on a large scale quantitative survey of face-to-face interviews with residents, the objective of the survey was to establish awareness, opinions and views on the development of service provision by Leicester College.

Worcestershire County Council

Based on 10 focus groups and a quantitative face-to-face survey, this research was conducted to establish the effectiveness of the “Choose how you move” brand and messaging to inform future marketing and communications campaigns.

City of London Corporation

Involving over 1000 face-to-face interviews with visitors to the City’s Open Spaces, this research was conducted to provide the basis for a review of the services provided by the City Gardens Section to inform future management options, a City Open Space Development Plan and appropriate policies.

Tourism Partnership North Wales

Based on over 500 visitor face-to-face interviews, the objective of this research was to establish a comprehensive visitor profile for attractions throughout North Wales, including the impact of promotional material and factors influencing visits to attractions.

Sheffield City Council

This research was undertaken to test the awareness and effectiveness of the “Sheffield is My Planet” brand and to establish the most effective branding to support future campaigns to maximise awareness and impact on change in behaviour. The research was based on 250 face-to-face interviews conducted with Sheffield residents.

Monmouthshire County Council

This impact assessment was conducted in 2012 and 2014 to provide an evidenced assessment of the impact which the Brewery Yard Regeneration Scheme has had on the vitality and viability of Abergavenny. Covering such areas as; profile, visitor activity, business performance and resident opinion, the research was based on face-to-face interviews with Abergavenny’s visitors, retailer and business managers and residents.

The meeting with Angie from the outset gave a great feeling that we could work well together, and the communication was excellent throughout. The service provided and information gained has given value for money. All objectives were met, the reports were clear and the presentation really added value to the research.

Stella Fox

Support Officer

City of London Open Spaces Department