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Market research provides the intelligence, insight and foundation to inform and support business across all industry sectors.

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The view from the top

The view from the top

Business performance is enhanced by strategy and policy based on effective implementation of robust insight and intelligence.

Our key strength is in effectively applying the benefits of market research across an extensive range of industries.

Our sector experience includes:

  • Associations, memberships & stakeholders
  • Business support
  • Communities, housing, social, crime & safety
  • Construction, engineering, manufacturing, automotive, ceramics & utilities
  • Food & drink
  • Education & training
  • Enterprise, export & the economy
  • IT, marketing, communications & finance
  • Health, people with disabilities, equality & the elderly
  • Local, regional & central government
  • Retail, exhibitions, distribution, travel & transport
  • Rural, the environment, forestry & agriculture
  • Textiles, printing & publishing
  • Tourism, recreation, leisure & DIY
  • Skills, employment & employees
  • Voluntary sector
  • Young people, children & childcare.

A very successful survey completed within time restraints and a very thorough test of effectiveness on the subject product, the report was also of invaluable use in the production of information going forward to complete a final LED trial for the City of London.

Neil Arnold

Department of the Built Environment

City of London Corporation