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For private sector clients, market research provides solutions to demanding questions on customers, competitors, industry and opportunity.

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Dive in with confidence

Dive in with confidence

We provide private sector clients with insight and intelligence to inform and support key business decisions. We help clients to take their business forwards, working within complex operating environments.

We support product and service development, market growth and diversification, CRM, competitor analysis and marketing and communications. Our clients range from consumer and business providers to manufacturers, construction, retailers and tourist businesses.

Our work informs all aspects of business operations. Diversification, policies, the operating environment, competitors, the economy, clients and customers, market demand, market targeting and identifying opportunities are all covered by our research.

Our private sector clients include:

  • Alpha Design & Marketing Group
  • Beyond Dark Ltd
  • John Wiley & Sons Ltd
  • The Hay Group
  • Parker Ward Ltd
  • Betts Ecology
  • Consultancy Prime
  • Touchline Ltd
  • Marley
  • Nuthatch Ltd
  • Cyclone Technology
  • Xenos
  • Plinkfizz
  • Shropshire Spice
  • Progression Through Marketing.

The research has directly influenced our packaging design, focusing on what it is that's important to the customer. It's been a very useful and informative
exercise and I look forward
to the opportunity to test the market again.

Fiona Mulroy

Sales & Marketing Director

Shropshire Spice